Look at the sky, you can see the clouds, the sun but on the odd occasion, the sky can be clear and reality can become foggy and cloudy, with the mind being really unclear.

“All I want is a CLEAR mind & a HAPPY HEART”

Within society we have the view that the norms and values of the past are no longer the same as today’s society. We no longer are able to take people on face value as it can appear as if they don’t have an ulterior motive. Society has changed so much that we are now scared to even speak to a random stranger if you are lost.

We are constantly hearing about the political landscape about to change with the UK entering the referendum of being part of the EU.  Also the US landscape now being called into question and about to change beyond recognition if political powers get control. with both countries immigration is the biggest factor but we could be seen as losing our countries identity but that’s evolution, we have a chance to make our home lands greater than ever before, as those that come into the UK or the USA aren’t all after our money, they are coming here to save themselves from wars mentally psychically or emotional war, with the scars that will never heal. Lets stop listening to others and actual listen to our own voice and hearts.

It’s not about forgetting who we are or what we once stood for, but the world doesn’t stand still it has to evolve. With that we have to move beyond the past memories and the history that has been created and begin living in the now. We have a battle we all are a part of and that is getting through the day and still standing up and being who we are is a big battle with a lot of mini battles which will shape the big battle. Some with ourselves and some with others. Each battle will have a different impact and leave a different impression and shape to the way we live.

Their might be those you can never trust and never let back in and those that have damaged elements and influences. These people remove the hope of the future and the possibility of the future that once would have looked nothing like it does now. The bleak destruction that has happened within moments of personal gain. They gain isn’t the same as you would have expected as the destruction is short lived. Those that have caused the destruction are hiding away from their own reality and their own battles as they try to make others live it so they don’t have to delaying the inevitable battle. With the delaying the battle they are unknowingly creating a bigger and more devastating that the destruction created for other will be nothing but a drop in the ocean.

The reason this blog is called “Clear” is because it’s time to clear the cobwebs away and the clear the history and pack that up and put it back in the box and leave it back in the past. 10 years has had many battles many different challenges and many different reasons why giving up would have been the easiest option, but I have always been classed as “Resilient” where I never give up I fight and fight until I am stronger, and this is why my path ahead of me is clear

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For me I look at people who have caused destruction, in my life. They caused the pain because they made a choice. With that choice they didn’t realise it would be with the person who can see through lies, but I admit my flaws and I admit my mistakes.

My battles will never be over, nor can I say I will never look at the easy option, but I can say I will always fight!

I am ONE.




  1. Vanda · March 6, 2016

    You are a fighter.
    I don’t think anything can touch you, now that you have reached this far !!
    It might get a glance from you but you’re stronger and you don’t need to react because it’s not worth your valuable time!!
    you have proved to your self and others you can come through with all the scars and wounds. They’re your medals and not something you would hide, as you are proud of them!
    You do amaze me more than you did before xx


  2. Andrew Smith · March 6, 2016

    It’s great that you have reached a point where you can let go of certain parts of the past and look to the future. Its a step I’m also starting to take, gradually getting rid of things from around the house that I had with my ex and replacing them with things that are just mine. That’s material possessions, but it’s helping me move on mentally too, as I’m rebuilding my own character and identity, which had been repressed by others for so long.


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