This isn’t a blog more of a statement, this isn’t the usual generic blubbering on. better

 Those that cast the first stone and decide its ok to remind me of my failures my lows my weakness maybe its best you look at yourself first before you try making me feel worst. Pick a side don’t pick a side I don’t care but don’t you dare try to judge me. As you don’t have the right too.

 I am ALEX and I am over being ill!



  1. Vanda · March 18, 2016

    That’s more like it!!
    The fighter is back! And he’s not taking any prisoners. Don’t waste your breath they’re not worth it.
    You’re not alone, l am with you xx

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  2. Sue · March 19, 2016

    Excellent, finally you are being positive. Good for you. No-one has the right to judge another person before looking at themselves.

    They do not deserve you or your friendship, keep strong and positive. As always I am here. So proud of you. x


  3. alexstrongONE · March 19, 2016

    Just need to believe it. Which is a struggle.


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