This is on my phone so apologies in advance.

it takes a man to admit there flaws and there mistakes. a coward will never admit and will blame others.

For one person to destroy others lives, for what? Do you gain anything ? Do you really win? No you don’t.  You may feel you win but reality will strike and you will become alone isolated and no longer the centre of anyone universe.

How long will it take to see who you are behind the veil? That is to each person but once seen the veil lifted your dark horrible soul will be alone.

People who want to drive people to the darkness deserve no support or kindness as they haven’t shown any.

To the egg I now talk direct your world is falling apart by your own hands and your self appointed right to someone is breaking. If you remember the nursery rhyme
humpty dumpty had a great fall and all the kings horses couldn’t put him back together. 

Your lies and bile are no more as people see through and it will only be so long until those you think you control will leave you. As you left other people’s lives in destruction you will feel that pain but there will be no one there to comfort or support you other than you’re IBS.

I will be there for my friends while you crack and become a sadder lonely old ugly egg and nothing you do will win over that control of me or others. As you can’t continue as the ruler of my mind nor others. You will instead roll off find some other people to sponge off abd damage there lives like you have tried here in manchester.

Goodbye egg you have no control anymore.


One comment

  1. Sue · March 26, 2016

    Okay! A full clearing of mind and possession. This is good as the ‘Egg’ no longer has any control of you or your emotions. Finally you can wash your hands of this parasite. As they say ‘all that you sow, so shall you reap’ will always come about and this obviously has now started to happen.

    Be strong and stay strong, do not let this ‘parasite’ enter your mind again as finally he has lost that hold. Well done, I am so very proud of you. x


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