So the silence is finally over with my blog. I have been busy with work and spending quality time with the new man in my life.

Work has been an interesting time as of late, mainly because one big project piece I worked on from new services has been given the green light and is going to be used as a national document! Compared to my old job where anything I did that was designed to help the business was turned down. So a  new feeling having something signed off. As I don’t rest on my lorrels I have also started to work on a new project. A project focusing on bringing awareness to Mental Wellbeing within an office environment. I am going to be bringing together the take 5 from time to change and workshops specific to Mental Health and Stress. So 2016 is turning into a big year with everything and one year on.

Even to the point I have walked into the devils playground and bumped into the catalysts of my destruction last year. I have survived with help from my friends and yet the fear of seeing the catalyst is still strong but I have faced the fear. Reality is always odd but how can I fear someone who in a way has helped break this illness it didn’t feel it at the time but I have been freed from an illness that has controlled my life for 10 years.While they now go through their own battles I can live my life! I should point out I don’t forgive nor do I forget!

While I know people are out there who hate me for being me, I couldn’t care as I have better and more important things to be doing.

Now I control my destiny and I can say it is looking amazing!




  1. Sue · August 13, 2016

    Congratulations, I am so very proud of you.

    Time helps to heal, we also learn how to face our fears. We realise that changes have taken place and you have risen above the demons that have lurked at the back of your mind. No one says that you have to forgive, especially when the catalyst of the distress does not own up for the pain they have caused. But one day they will have to face the consequences of their actions and it will be painful, but such is life.

    Your future and life has started to blossom and you are fulfilling your full potential. Well done, onwards my love etc. Big Hugs and love xx


  2. Andrew Smith · August 18, 2016

    Well done. So pleased things are falling into place for you and that you’re so much happier. It’s truly well deserved xx


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