Poem of Convenience

The Convenience
by Unknown

Shhhh do you hear the noise? Sitting there in your big chair, can you hear the noise?

The noise of a tear drop from my cheek. The pin drop on the floor or each breath coming from your chest? Can you hear it? Can you feel it the emotion the run through every soul and person?

Listen to the weeping angels crying on the shoulders of those we have lost the tears that have been shed for those who no longer live here. Those that have passed on to a new home a new time and place.

Can you feel it the sensation on your skin as every hair tingles and your emotions are running sparking electricity through your body, the noise the sensation they running wild through?

Stand still and listen to the world pass by can you hear the tear drops can you hear my screams am I just the convenience that keeps coming back for more. The laughing the smiles are long gone the tears streaming down my face waiting for you to notice the voices no longer coming from my mouth but in my head taking over the day and life no longer the fun instead the screams waiting for the moment to ask Are you ok? The worlds colliding and taking over my being and soul I scream for it to stop and to leave but they continue to collide while you sit there unaware.

The keyboard warriors the socialites the ones that say I am there but cannot see what is happening or going on behind these hazel eyes.  The man of convenience sits and weeps while you party and dance. you don’t see the scars I have on my arms and body nor in my heart that has been destroyed day in and day out. You don’t see behind those rose-tinted spectacles. I will never be good enough for you to take them off so you can see the true me full of marks and scars. You will just carry on even if I disappear into the land. Hidden away from your eyes you will forget who I am or was and instead you will find a new convenience from the social world.

The land is waiting for a new body to take and feed off the bones of the last convenience for this earth. the soul has moved on beyond this realm and is in the newer plain awaiting my entry into beyond the pearly gates the hands of the lost awaiting to welcome the newest soul to their ranks. They no longer feel or have emotions they are beyond the living they are fearless and free. They don’t have the pain they once had in this realm we call NOW.

The defence of space, the word you say to protect yourself but not for anyone else to see if you got too close and touched the fire that has burnt your hand and your heart that you are scared to get close again. The voices and the murmurs ring around the corridors but you listen to their voices and words but not my own. You say you are a friend but you are like the rest, you never know what you have lost until they have left you alone, you begin your journey minus the convenience that was once there to hold your hand through thick and thin as convenience has the possibility of no longer being your convenience.

The soil is waiting for a future soul to welcome into its clasps you will never know what you once had until the convenience is no more.  your madness and my own will no longer be. This is time to leave you and the pain and suffering and listen for the tears.

Can you hear them fall….?




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